Worship services are conducted by Worship Teams. Each worship team consists of a team leader and parishioners who serve as readers, chalice bearers, acolytes, crucifers, greeters, presenters, hospitality ministers, good shepherds, and altar guild.

There are currently four teams (Red, White, Green and Gold – the colors of the Welsh flag since St. David is the patron saint of Wales).  Each team serves every four weeks.

Team leaders are responsible for scheduling the various ministries required for worship services, so that no one person is scheduled for multiple ministries on a given Sunday. Training and refresher sessions for various ministries are held periodically.

The goals of the worship teams are to enable fuller participation by all members of the congregation in the ministries of the parish, to provide a small group ministry that fosters closer relationships through team work and to incorporate new members into the life of the parish.

All parishioners are encouraged to be on a team.


Lay Ministry Descriptions


Acolytes assist the priest at all services and may be any person, male or female, from fifth grade though adulthood.  Acolytes will generally serve once a month, and more frequently during special seasons.  Training will be provided.   Acolyte duties provide a close connection with the service and a unique opportunity for participation in the worship life of the church community.

Altar Guild

The members of the Altar Guild prepare for the worship service, under the direction of the clergy.  They provide suitable furnishings and decorations for the altar and care for the altar appointments. A new member would train with an experienced person and study the manual.  The group has additional duties during special services. At least one member is needed for approximately one hour for each service.

Eucharistic Ministers

A Eucharistic Minister is a lay person, trained to administer and distribute the consecrated host (Eucharist) to other parishioners during the service.

Eucharistic Visitors

The Eucharistic bread and wine is delivered to the homebound or those in a medical facility by the Eucharistic Visitor.  Special training and instruction is a prerequisite to becoming a Eucharistic Visitor.

Healing Ministers

We have 2 teams of Healing Ministers who take part in the services on the first Sundays in the month. Parishioners are directed to come to one of the healing ministers after receiving communion. Please contact the Rector if you would like to be trained in this ministry.


Lectors assist at the service by reading lessons and leading the Prayers of the People.  Training is provided.


Presenters bring the “gifts” (the wine, water and bread) up to the altar.


Greeters welcome parishioners and visitors attending each service, answer any questions they may have, distribute service bulletins, offer to seat parishioners, pass the offering plate and direct parishioners to the altar rail for Holy Communion.

Good Shepherd

Each Sunday, the blessed altar flowers are delivered to members or friends of St. David’s by the Good Shepherd volunteers.  Some recipients are ill at home or in a medical facility; some are simply being recognized, as a friendly gesture, or for a special occasion.

Hospitality Ministers

Visitors are met and welcomed by the Hospitality Minister.  The newcomers are shepherded through their initial period at St. David’s, guided to programs available, introduced to members, invited to special events, until such time as they become incorporated into the life of the parish.

Coffee Hour Hospitality

Hosting the weekly coffee hour, following the Sunday late service, is an important part of the hospitality and fellowship at St. David’s Church.  Members rotate responsibility for serving coffee, tea, juice and light snacks.

Pastoral Care

An important component of life at St. David’s is Pastoral Care.  The members of the Vestry and the Pastoral Care Team are committed to communication with the parishioners for whatever care may be needed.  There are both short-term and long-term prayer lists, as well as a  prayer chain for confidential concerns.  The Good Samaritans stand ready to help with a variety of practical needs. The Pastoral Care team meets monthly with the rector to review the needs of the community.