All Are Welcome

You are always warmly welcomed at any of St. David’s worship services.

Changes due to COVID-19

For the time being, St. David’s is offering one Sunday worship service at 10:00 am.  To learn more about the preparations we have made to help make our worship together as safe as possible, visit the COVID Safety Page.  If, after reviewing that page, you would like to join us for a service, reserve your space HERE.  Our worship services will continue livestreaming HERE.

Sundays :

8:00 am – a shorter, quieter worship service with prayers, Bible readings, a sermon, and Holy Communion (Suspended due to COVID)

10:00 am – prayers, Bible readings, a sermon, Holy Communion, along with uplifting hymns, songs from our choir (during the school year), and beautiful contemplative music.  Following this service, everyone is invited for refreshments and conversation – in the Parish Hall during the school year, and on the front porch during the summer.

On rare occasions this schedule does change.  Please check This Week at St. David’s for the latest updates.

Children are always welcome at St. David’s!  We have activity bags available for children who might need them filled with puzzles and Bible-based coloring pages.  If you need one, please ask the greeter for a ‘Rainbow bag’.

On the first Sunday of each month, we celebrate each others’ birthdays and anniversaries with special prayers at the end of the service.

On the second Sunday of each month, healing prayers are available to those who would like them from our healing ministers after communion. (Suspended due to COVID)

Wednesdays :

1:00 pm – Silent meditation in the church.  Have a midweek check-in with your spirit.  Take some time in the midst of all the activity of the week to slow down and refocus yourself. (Suspended due to COVID)

Thursdays :

9:30 am – a casual service of prayers, Bible readings, and Holy Communion; featuring individual prayers for healing each week.  This service is held in the chapel – enter through the parish offices. (This service is online-only, due to COVID)

Receiving Communion

All who seek God and are drawn to Christ are invited to receive Holy Communion.  You are always welcome and deemed worthy at St. David’s.  We have both wine and grape juice available, as well as both wheat and gluten-free wafers. (Due to COVID, only bread will be offered at communion)

St. David’s practices the theology of the “open table” since that is what our Lord witnessed to in welcoming everyone all the time. This includes children at the discretion of their parents or guardians. There are no outcasts.

To receive the bread, extend your open hands to the priest.  If you need a gluten-free wafer, hold out your closed hands to indicate this to the priest.  Wine is offered in the first chalice, and grape juice is in the second chalice.

If you would prefer to receive a blessing from the priest instead of the elements of communion, simply cross your arms across your chest.

If you are unable to come forward for Communion, please let one of the greeters know and Communion will be brought to you.