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Church Office Hours from June 9: Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday,and Thursday - 9:00am - 1:00pm Office will be closed on Fridays until September

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Please explore our many Outreach programs.

Willing Hands

St. Paul's Shelter

Merry Heart


Kinnelon Food Pantry

Grocery Certificates

   (for needy local families)

Special Offerings


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 .... to the St. Davidís Kinnelon website, which we hope demonstrates the full diversity of our people and activities.


Diverse People + Inquiring Minds + Open Hearts:
Building Bridges of Hope with the Living Christ

Greetings from the Rector. We invite you, your family and loved ones to join us.  We believe we are on a pilgrimage to discover a deep sense of holiness present in our everyday lives.  This journey is best taken with others.  Please come along.

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The direct line for the Rector, David DeSmith, is 973-838-6927.

The Parish Administrator can also take a message or transfer your call.


Summer Office Hours -

Parish Office will be closed on Fridays until September


Summer Worship Schedule

Sunday services at 8 am and 9:30 am,

followed by iced tea and lemonade on the patio


 Dining at David's

Informal BBQ social evenings held on Wednesday or Thursday evenings 5:30 pm - 7:30 pm in late July and early August -


Thursday July 31st

Thursday August 7th


American Red Cross Blood Drive at St. David's

Saturday August 2, 9-2


St. David's 9th Wine & Food Pairing

The Thrill of the Grill - Gaucho Night!

Saturday September 6th at 5 pm


Lifeline Screening at St. David's

October 11th





Our VISIONS Newsletter is published monthly and highlights all the events and activities of St David's. Please see our archived list of VISIONS for more information.            For Visions click here.

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Diverse  People + Inquiring Minds + Open Hearts

"Building Bridges of Hope with the Living  







The Rev. David DeSmith david.desmith



Worship Service Schedule


Holy Eucharist

8:00 am and 10:15 am

11:30 am Coffee Hour

Summer Services June 15 through August 31

8:00 am and 9:30 am

10:30 am Iced Tea and Lemonade


9:30 am Holy Eucharist with Healing Prayers

Meditation in Church


1 pm



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