Everyone is welcome!

Everyone is warmly welcomed to attend our Sunday worship services, either in person, or online. Sunday services are at 10:00 am.

Children are welcome although no Church School is currently offered on Sundays.

On (most) Thursdays at 10:00 am, we offer a service of Holy Eucharist with Healing Prayers in the Chapel.  While attendance is currently limited due to safety protocols, everyone is welcome to join the service online. Readings are taken from Lesser Feasts and Fasts, a resource produced for and by the Episcopal Church which celebrates the lives and work of saints, martyrs and prophetic witnesses from the first days of Christianity up to the present day.

Receiving Communion

All are welcome to receive Holy Communion. St. David’s practices the theology of the “open table” since that is what our Lord witnessed to in welcoming everyone all the time. This includes children at the discretion of their parents or guardians. There are no outcasts.

All who seek God and are drawn to Christ are welcome to receive Holy Communion.

If you are unable to come forward for Communion, please indicate this to one of the greeters and Communion will be brought to you.

We all experience the risen Christ as a real presence in various ways by receiving Communion or a blessing. This is important to each individual and we cherish this presence which we are to carry out and proclaim to the world.

New Member Class

Learn about the Episcopal Church and how to become a member of St. David’s.  This class is for adults who want to be received from another tradition/denomination or to be confirmed in the Episcopal Church.   It is also for those who are just curious about the history, beliefs and practices of Episcopalians.  Classes meet in preparation for a regional

Membership at St. David’s

Following Episcopal Church guidelines, the Vestry has set the following requirements for membership at St. David’s:

  • A pledged/regular giver of time, talent and treasure
  • Regular worship attendance
  • Regular involvement in parish activities