Please take a look at the many exciting programs and the people involved that make up our St. David’s Fellowship.

Dining at David’s

It’s the good old summertime, those lazy, hazy days of summer! You don’t feel like cooking? Has St. David’s got a deal for you! It’s Dining at David’s! A backyard BBQ and fellowship, with no dishes to wash!

Dining at David’s was a summertime tradition.

On four consecutive Wednesdays or Thursdays, beginning in mid-July, the folks at St. David’s enjoy a simple BBQ on the church grounds. Just drop in anytime from 5:30 – 7:30PM, and enjoy an old fashioned meal under the shade of the trees. Grab a quick bite to eat and run, or stay and enjoy a relaxing time with friends and neighbors. This year we are adding a Karaoke evening, a game night and a movie night!

Bring a bottle of wine and enjoy the company of some wonderful folks. In fact, feel free to bring friends! So, why cook or go to an over-priced restaurant when you can enjoy good food and great company? And, best of all, no reservations required. Check our calendar for dates for this year’s Dining at David’s.

Dining at David’s has now finished for 2017. See you in 2018!

Dream Group

Ever have a dream that you can’t forget? Join the Dream Group the third Sunday of each month at 11:00 am to explore your dreams. The gathering is for anyone interested in understanding the wisdom of their dreams and why they truly are God’s forgotten language.


“Foyer,” according to the dictionary, is an entrance or welcoming area for meeting and greeting.  The mission of the Foyer program at St. David’s is to provide small group fellowship so that people can become better acquainted.  Each year, groups of three to five couples or family groups rotate meetings in members’ homes or the parish hall for a simple meal.  The main course is provided by the host of the month, with the other group members providing the remaining courses.  These communal meals provide an intimate venue for establishing or deepening relationships.  The groups are shuffled and reorganized each year in order to provide the opportunity to become better acquainted with others in the congregation.  This highly successful small groups setting is ideal for newcomers and long-time members to get to know each other.
New this year: if you can’t commit to being a regular participant, which includes hosting or co-hosting one dinner, then sign on the “Guest” list, and one of our hosts will invite you for a specific date.

Men’s Group

he Men’s Group does not currently meet  at this time.  The St. David’s Mens Group was formed in 2005 to provide service to both St. David’s and the greater Kinnelon community as well as providing educational and fellowship opportunities for the men. The Men’s Group does not currently meet  at this time.  Among the service projects that the group undertook… here are some highlights:

Readers Circle Book Club

The Readers Circle Book Club consists of a group of men and women who love to read and enjoy stimulating conversation when coming together to share their thoughts. This is a reading group with something for everyone’s interest: wonderful book selections, stimulating conversation, friendship and great snacks! The Readers Circle meets on the first Monday of each month, from October to June (not January) in the Skylight Room at St. David’s, 7:00 pm.. Newcomers are welcome to join at any time.   READING LIST 2017 – 2018

 T’ai Chi Chih

St. David’s offers T’ai Chi Chih practice sessions every Wednesday afternoon, 2 PM, downstairs. Currently we meet throughout the year. Contact: Sondra Odian

Continue reading for more highlights and information about T’ai Chi Chih sessions.

Women’s Group

The St. David’s Women’s Group re-launched in October of 2014. The group met the third Wednesday of the month at 7:30 pm Bring your knitting/crocheting – this may become a project. This group is not currently meeting. November 2015.