Saint Davids Episcopal Church

33rd Annual Plant Sale

Sale is pre-order only – no plants available for sale on May 9th

Ordering is closed. Detailed no contact pick up instructions are listed below. Any questions contact Mike (973) 714-6158 or Deb (973) 715-0603.

Plant Sale Order .Pick Up – Plan A

  • Enter the Front Loop Driveway by the Office Entrance
  • Proceed to the Pop Up Tent – it will be in the visitor parking spaces (near the mailbox)
  • STOP! Roll down your passenger window and give your name to the person manning the tent
  • You will be given the NUMBER associated with your order
  • Proceed down the Front Loop Drive until you reach your order. There will be signs with the ORDER NUMBERS clearly visible
  • Please stay to the left and pull up slightly past your order so that the back of your car is roughly even with the order.
  • You can briefly get out of your car if you need to open the back door/trunk, whatever. But then, please get back in your vehicle so that one of our helpers can load your vehicle
  • After receiving your order turn left and exit to Kinnelon Road via the main driveway.

Plant Sale Order Pick Up – Plan B – Inclement Weather

  • Follow all above instructions but do not stop at the office entrance.
  • How will you know? There will not be a Pop Up Tenet in the Visitor parking spaces.
  • Instead proceed along the Front Loop Driveway and stop at the Pop Up Tent that will be positioned at the sidewalk that leads to the Front Church Doors. This sidewalk leads to the “Veranda” where we enjoy Ice Tea & Lemonade in the summer.
  • Speak with the person in the Tent and wait for you order to be brought out to you by our volunteers.

Please Note:

  • We will be following social distancing protocols and ask that you do the same
  • The Main Parking Lot will be closed. You cannot enter from Kiel Ave. The gate will be closed.

A word from Debbie & Mike: We have been overwhelmed by the response to this year’s sale. Thank you all for supporting the sale and looking forward to the time when we can all be together again.

God’s Peace,

Mike & Deb