Many people believe that Christian education is simply teaching Bible stories to children.  While this is an important component of Christian education, it’s not completely accurate. Christian education is about discovering what it means to be Christian in this time and in this place.  The life, death, and resurrection of Jesus impacted the lives of his followers then and now.  Now is a different time and a different place from the time of Jesus, and it’s sometimes difficult to determine how we bring forward the Gospel message to today’s world.

Christian education gives us the tools, the experience, and the opportunity to converse with others who are making meaning of their faith.  It is helpful when this conversation and exploration begin early.  When children grow up attending Church school and discussing God with their parents, they are more likely to develop a deep, life-sustaining faith.

Adults and children who are given a forum in which it is safe to ask questions, to seek help, and to admit confusion about the church and their belief, are helped to develop strong faith. St. David’s has programs available for all of God’s children.

Learn more about Youth Ministry and the Youth Group.

Fall 2016 for our Adult Members

Thursday Morning Bible Study Group met in the Large Skylight Room from 10:15 am to 11:15 am to take a look at the Gospel of Luke.

Falll 2016 Creating Space: Fall Adult Forum

We will meet once per month beginning in October to create some space and time to intentionally share how God is working in our lives.  None of us want to be caught being “functional atheists,” those who say they believe in God but then live their lives as if God doesn’t exist.  No, not us!

We will do this by:

  1. Sharing our Own Stories: How might we have experienced God last week?
  2. Dwelling in the Word: Finding God and ourselves in the Scriptures.
  3. A few other ways that will be introduced: fasting, meditation, journaling, music, walking the neighborhood.

Sharing in this way will draw us closer to God and to each other.  Practicing in community allows us to more readily discern not only God’s presence but how we might figure out what God is up to beyond the walls of the church…..and join God out there.

The meeting dates are all Sundays from 11:45 am to 12:45 pm in the large skylight room:

All are welcome to all the sessions or as many as you can attend.