Who We Are

St. David’s began as a Mission in 1960, became an official Parish of the Diocese of Newark in 1972. Learn about our History. St. David’s has grown into a parish community of warm and friendly people active in the community and known for our many outreach efforts. Learn more about Outreach

This is an active church community with many opportunities to serve, not only the church, but the larger community. Within the St. David’s community there are many areas to serve in the areas of worship, Christian education, outreach and parish life. Learn more about Worship Teams and Lay Ministries.

Fellowship activities abound, with something for everyone: Women’s Group, Youth Ministry, T’ai Chi, Readers Circle Book Club, Foyers, Dining at David’s,


How We Got our Name

St. David’s is the patron saint of Wales.  Living in the 6th century, David was a quiet and scholarly monk who founded many monasteries and was eventually elected bishop.  The topography of Kinnelon area reminded some of the founding parish members of the parish of the topography of Wales with its rolling hills and abundant streams and lakes.  So we were named after a saint closely associated with that country.

A number of our members have visited our namesake cathedral in St. David’s, Wales (the smallest city in Britain), which is among the most beautiful cathedrals in Europe.  To learn more about this cathedral we encourage you to visit http://www.castlewales.com/stdavid.html